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      Ognization Informatization And Automation Expert

      JiaXing HeXin Network Technology Co., Ltd

      Major Business: Mobile APP/PC Software/ERP/OA
                                Automatic Production Line/Sensor/Industory Robot
                                Electronic Commerce System

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      Company Website/Wechat Website/Electronic Commerce/Online Business Hall/Enterprise Resource Planning/Office Automation

      Software Development

      Mobile APP/Pad APP/APP Customization/Three-dimensional Simulation/PC Software/Virtual Reality/3D Games

      Automatic Production

      Assembly Line/Sensor/Automatic Control System/Robot/Robot Arm/Speech Recognition/Movement Recognition

      Out Product


      Total free survey creation tool

      1 of 124 HeXin micro apps


      Total free inventory manage tool

      1 of 124 HeXin micro apps


      Total free customer relation manage tool

      1 of 124 HeXin micro apps

      Jiaxing Shopping (B2C)

      Cunsumer Oriented EC Platform

      One of the HeXin new retail apps

      Jiaxing Shopping (O2O)

      Local Service EC Platform

      One of the HeXin new retail apps

      Jiaxing Shopping (SNS)

      Socialized EC Platform

      One of the HeXin new retail apps

      About Us

      As a high-tech enterprise, Jiaxing Hexin Network Technology Co., Ltd is committed to providing enterprise with informatized and automatized service. It is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, where lies in the south of the Yangtze River with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It's both no more than one-hour drive from here to Shanghai and Hangzhou. With Internet, phone applications and software products as the main focus, the company is a high-tech company integrating various service, including software and hardware development, production, solution provision and technical services. The company has many independent intellectual property rights of various leading high-tech software and hardware products, involving in cloud computing solution design, Internet of Things, intelligent equipment and three-dimensional simulation software development, which has been widely used in related industries and fields. The experienced development and production team enables its Product R&D Center to possess first-class experimental equipment and reliable quality-control methods. This team is proficient in system integration and high-stable industrial products design, never stopping pursuing independent innovation. Currently, cloud computing and distributed computing, three-dimensional real-time animation engine, embedded computer and derivatives are three series of products belonging to the company with complete intellectual property rights. In addition, the company is deeply trusted by all the cooperative partners for its excellent abilities in bottom layer, APP development and ERP project implementation.

      There are branches in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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      #People-oriented Socialization ERP# With the business as working center, traditional software management focuses more on "financial and material" resource management; It is based on "process + information record", with involved structured and predictable data. Nevertheless, these data account for only 20% of the total enterprise data, while more unstructured data account for 80%. There is no doubt that the important role of people play in enterprise operation will be actually neglect if we neglect the huge unstructured data

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